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2023 Membership and Membership Form

The 2023 Membership forms are now available to download and/or print.

All membership forms are to be sent to our membership secretary. Details are included on the bottom of the form.

Mortimer Classic MCC Disclaimer

The editors of the Mortimer Classic Motorcycle Club Limited web site would like to point out that they are not necessarily in agreement with opinions’ recommendations, technical tips, modifications, or any other suggestions as made in articles submitted for publication on their web site.

Furthermore, the Mortimer Classic Motorcycle Club Limited, it’s officials and the editors cannot be held responsible for or liable for statements made in connection with the accuracy or suitability of advertised items and shall not be held responsible in any way for any mishaps that may occur as a result of any information displayed on their web site.

AMCA Colours of Racing Plates and Numbers

The following notices were agreed at the Classic AGM and fixtures meeting November 2018. Theses are to be enforced from the 2019 season.

BSA Victors must complete in the Pre 68 Class

Colours of racing plates and numbers.

  • Pre 60 BLACK Numbers on WHITE Plates
  • Pre 65 WHITE Numbers on BLACK Plates
  • Pre 68 WHITE Numbers on BLUE Plates
  • Pre 74 250cc WHITE Numbers on Green Plates
  • Pre 74 500cc WHITE Numbers on RED Plates
  • Twin Shocks BLACK Numbers on a YELLOW Plates

Please see the AMCA Website for further details.

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